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Leading the Science of Cannabis

As the first analytical laboratory dedicated to medical cannabis in California, we've led the science of cannabis since 2008. During that time, Steep Hill has made market changing discoveries (like High-CBD genetic markers) and pioneered the implementation of self-regulation throughout the cannabis industry. Today, we employ sophisticated technology and rigorous science to solve problems: whether you're cultivating, processing, or dispensing - we'll help you diagnose, solve, or avoid costly errors in your work flow.

Leading the Science of Cannabis. Globally.

This downloadable PDF offers a baseline understanding of medical cannabis, infused products, and the services offered by Steep Hill. We include a convenient reference chart explaining the relationships between the various cannabinoids, as well as a deep breakdown of each terpenes medicinal qualities.

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Cannabinoids are chemical compounds which activate cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. Phytocannabinoids are the natural form of these chemicals found in the female cannabis plant’s trichomes, a resin gland on the surface of the flower. There are at least 85 different cannabinoids isolated from varies strains - though most of them appear in negligible amounts.

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Terpenes are the fragrance molecules which emanate from all plants - including cannabis, which offers a unique scent from one strain to the next. Terpenes are believed to exhibit medicinal properties independent from the cannabinoids.

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Medical Research

At Steep Hill, we're driven by a deep affection for scientific exploration. Our lab doesn't simply quantify cannabinoid profiles or assess the sex of living plants - we also discover new truths in the realm of cannabis research. Here are a few of the things we've learned in our endless search for answers.

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Strain Fingerprintâ„¢

A Strain Fingerprint shows the average concentrations of twelve of the most relevant cannabinoids and terpenoids found in cannabis strains. Values and graphics are produced using cluster analysis of samples tested at Steep Hill, resulting in a composite average chemical makeup and unique strain-identifying iconography. Ranges take into account standard deviation to provide the most accurate models possible.

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Know What You Grow

Our lab has the equipment and expertise necessary to help you identify, qualify, and protect your intellectual property. Steep Hill understands the three situations you should consider when pursuing legal protection for your genetics: Plant Variety Protection Certificates, Plant Patents under 35 U.S.C. 161, or a Utility Patent under 35 U.S.C. 101. We will help you identify the best route forward while guiding you through the process of gathering the necessary data, completing the required paperwork, and finalizing your protection!

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