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Your Favorite Celeb's Cannabis Brands

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

“According to a Gallup Poll released in November 2021, two in three Americans support the legalization of cannabis. And according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in April 2021, roughly 60% of US adults say cannabis should be legal for medical and recreational use” (Malyshev and Ganley, 2022). Some of these Americans who are in support of cannabis legalization also happen to be celebrities who have used their platform to make a difference in the cannabis industry.

You’ve probably heard of Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., and Martha Stewart’s epic friendship. The two first met in November of 2008 while filming a segment of “The Martha Stewart Show,” and the rest is history. Fast forward to 2016 when they announced the release of their new TV show on VH1 called “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” Martha discussed with Insider that she learned a lot about cannabis during the three seasons of their show together (Askinasi, 2021). After becoming interested in the uses of Cannabis, hemp, and its derivatives, she released a line of CBD products with Canopy Growth Corp. for humans and their furry friends. Canopy Growth Corp.’s goal is to “Contain optimized levels of CBD and powerful co-actives to provide targeted relief to everyday wellness challenges such as sleep support, tired muscles, and stress management.” The product line includes oils, creams, and gummies for you and your pet. Martha Stewart says her “wellness gummies, oil drops, and soft gels that closely resemble the French confections and pãte de fruits taste as wonderful as they make you feel” (Hasse, 2020).

Snoop Dogg released his line of Cannabis products called “Leafs by Snoop” in 2015.

The product line offers eight different strains (also available in wax and shatter formats), chocolate bars, cannabis drops, gummies, and fruit chews (Baca, 2015). When originally released, Snoop Dogg’s products were available exclusively at several dispensaries in the Colorado area (Rowley, 2015). However, his brand came under fire in 2019 when the Toronto Maple Leafs filed a lawsuit against Snoop Dogg for trademark infringement. According to Blum Law, this is an ongoing lawsuit pending a decision from the U.S. Trademark Office on an opposition letter. Snoop Dogg continues to be an investor in the industry as a co-founder of the investment fund Casa Verde. Recently, the fund “made its first investment in Continental Europe’s medical cannabis space by investing $15 million into Portuguese medical cannabis company AceCann” (Sabaghi, 2021). Among other projects, the fund has also invested across the Cannabis industry, including delivery, supply chain logistics, brands, and retail (Shieber, 2020).

Another significant influence on the Cannabis industry also happens to be in Snoop Doggs’s circle of friends. Meet Dr. Dina, who, despite her nickname, is not an MD, nor has she gone to medical school. The name was given to her by Snoop Dogg himself and is a “Pioneer of the movement in Southern California and provides safe access to medical cannabis in accordance with proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, passed by the people of California in 1996” (Dr. Dina, 2022). What is the Compassionate Use Act? “It became the first medical marijuana ballot initiative passed at the state level. The initiative altered the state’s constitution to allow physicians to prescribe medical marijuana licenses to persons suffering from illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, anorexia, migraines and arthritis” (Petersen, 2016). Inspired by her friend’s struggle with cancer, Dina became an advocate for medical cannabis and helped open the famous “Sunset Shop'' on Sunset Strip. She has consulted for many firms across the country and various television shows. As if she wasn’t impressive enough, she also started her own non-profit called “Freedom Grow,” which “Helps cannabis prisoners regain freedom while we support their sacrifices through the ‘Wish Program.’ The Wish program helps prisoners with commissary, money, books, magazines, family outreach, and public education” (Freedom Grow, 2022).

Seth Rogan has not been shy to admit his fondness and passion for cannabis. He tweeted, “If you know anything about me at all, I am going to assume it’s that I really love weed.” He has proudly announced that his vision has finally come to fruition. He co-founded “House Plant” in 2019, which stems from “‘House’ as in home goods and ‘plant’ as in weed” (Burns, 2021). Seth Rogan’s company stands out because it carries two different product lines, one which is household goods and the other which is cannabis products. Rogan explains the clever strategy behind having two product lines. “We’ve sold house goods in all 50 states at this point…That’s us, developing a relationship with trust and customers where cannabis is not legal yet” (Burns, 2021).

Houseplant offers three options when it comes to cannabis products, and they are named after weather systems, including Diablo Wind, Pancake Ice, and Pink Moon. All which Seth Rogan claims to smoke himself regularly. Although, he is aware that he is not the target audience for his products despite wanting to produce products he enjoys. He hopes to expand the brand and add more strains as he knows that his tastes are not the same as his consumers. For Seth Rogan, Houseplant is an extension of his creative process and perspective (Tschorn, 2021). As for the inspiration for house goods, his business partner and co-star Evan Goldberg explain:

For so long, weed - and the things associated with it - were hidden and were not viewed as design objects or things one should be proud to display. And that’s really what we wanted to make - things that if you’re someone who smokes cannabis or just someone who likes design that you’d be proud to have” (Tschorn, 2021). Most of the house good designs are designed and made by hand by Seth Rogan, a self-taught skill from quarantine.

While everyone else mentioned has used their platform to speak on some aspect of the cannabis industry, United States Senate candidate from Louisiana, Gary Chambers, may have the last say. He will be running against Senator John Kennedy in this year’s midterm elections. He hopes to make history as the first Black U.S. Senator from Louisiana (McGrady, 2022). In his first ad, he was featured sitting in a chair while smoking cannabis to draw attention and start a new conversation about the plant. He discusses the underlying racism involved in legalizing cannabis and the statistics regarding arrests and possession charges in the United States. His blunt (pun intended) ad has impacted and has turned the legalization conversation in a new direction.

Welcome to the “Green Rush,” which is the term used for the recent boom of the cannabis industry over the past few years. “Every week, it seems another celebrity announces the launch of a new cannabis brand. What started with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson in 2015 has gone mainstream; Magic Johnson and Jane Fonda are CBD brand ambassadors now. With the continuing passage of legalization in states across the nation, more such brands will hit the market” (Bloom and Trakin, 2021). The celebrities, as mentioned earlier, are only a few to highlight; others include Kristen Bell, Tommy Chong, Megan Rapinoe, Jay Z, Bella Thorne, and Wiz Khalifa. These celebrities have a unique opportunity to change the cannabis industry, whether it is through investing, advertising, or creating. The momentum will not slow, and the industry is on the path to changing the associated stigma, stereotypes, and underlying racism.


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