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Antonio Del Hierro
Chief Executive Officer
Antonio Del Hierro is the CEO of Steep Hill Mexico, the first Steep Hill international location. He has 15+ years of business management and operations experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry in Los Angeles and Las Vegas at key venues such as the renowned Mondrian Hotel and the Light Group. In 2013, he became the founder and CEO of MA & Associates, LLC, overseeing the expansion of the cannabis testing division. After overseeing the sale of MA & Associates to a publicly traded company, he decided to further his interest in cannabis testing with Steep Hill Mexico. He is also currently the acting Chief Operating Officer for Indica Capital and serves as the Vice President of Certification and Accreditation for CONCANACO SERVYTUR (Confederation of National Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism) in Mexico. Antonio has a degree in Political Science and Economics from California Polytechnic State University in Pomona California and is both a native of Southern California and Mexico.

Steep Hill is expanding and proud to offer comprehensive cannabis testing across a network of laboratories across the U.S. states and abroad
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Insurgentes sur 552, Int piso 4
Colonia Roma Sur

Ciudad de México, México

(+52) -5522-111712


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