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Steep Hill Genetic Testing Services

Steep Hill offers consultation services in the genetics of cannabis, cannabis physiology and biochemistry, consultation for the development and refinement of breeding, cannabis genomics, and guidance in marker-assisted breeding. In over a decade of operation, Steep Hill has collected and performed hundreds of thousands of samples and tests and has a database of DNA sequences from cannabis unrivaled in the industry. We offer genetic testing services to help our customers gain a better understanding of all aspects of cannabis genetics. We provide the cannabis industry, from growers and breeders to dispensaries and end users, a suite of identification and diagnostic tools that help identify important genetic markers that can be used in the breeding of unique strains or the choice of the correct strain for use in treating medical conditions, among other applications. These genetic tools when combined with our already existing strain chemical profiling program (Steep Hill’s Strain Fingerprint™) will advance the knowledge base of the cannabis industry, while providing end users with better ways of identifying the important medicinal compounds and properties for which they are looking.


GenKit™ is a Steep Hill innovation; our scientists have managed to identify a snippet of genetic code that allows us to identify male cannabis plants with 99% accuracy! Simply send us a clipping from your seedling and we'll identify it in record time.


Our lab has the equipment and expertise necessary to help you identify, qualify, and protect your intellectual property. Steep Hill understands the three situations you should consider when pursuing legal protection for your genetics: Plant Variety Protection Certificates, Plant Patents under 35 U.S.C. 161, or a Utility Patent under 35 U.S.C. 101. We will help you identify the best route forward while guiding you through the process of gathering the necessary data, completing the required paperwork, and finalizing your protection!