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Laboratory-grade potency reports in minutes.

Steep Hill Express™

Get THC-A, ∆-9-THC, CBD-A, CBD and Moisture Content in a matter of minutes for only $50 per sample.

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Lab Locations

We Need a 1.5g Sample

Bring your flower samples to one of our locations in Berkeley or Albuquerque. A representative will help explain the test while they prep your sample.

It Only Takes 5 Minutes

We'll grind the flower and pour it into a clean sample cup. The test itself only takes a few minutes - feel free to hang out at the lab while we run the scan.

Get a Report & Samples Back!

Each Potency Report includes figures for THC-A, ∆-9-THC, CBD-A, CBD, and Moisture Content. If you stay in the building until the end of the test, we'll even give your sample back - ready-to-roll.

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