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Steep Hill is the world’s leading cannabis science and technology company with significant footprints in lab testing, research and development, licensing, genetics, and remote testing. No other company brings all of these sectors into one highly synergistic whole. Steep Hill’s foundation was built on testing and analyzing medical and recreational cannabis to ensure compliance with public safety standards. In 2008, Steep Hill opened the first commercial cannabis lab in the United States and has been on the cutting edge since its inception. Steep Hill is currently expanding throughout the United States and worldwide. With the goal of helping the rest of the world adopt “best practices” in cannabis testing, we also provide expert consulting services to legislators and regulators in many countries, states and municipalities around the world. Steep Hill: “Leading the Science of Cannabis. Globally℠.”


Steep Hill is in Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Washington DC, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and more to come.

Learn How to Open a Steep Hill Licensee Lab Anywhere on the Globe

Steep Hill Rapidly Expands Its Global Footprint

Steep Hill will expand into Mexico and six new European Union markets offering full service cannabis quality assurance to the strategic Mexican and European markets as they open and legalize cannabis for the benefit of their patients. Steep Hill will expand their testing umbrella to include Steep Hill Mexico, Steep Hill Germany, Steep Hill Spain, Steep Hill France, Steep Hill Italy, Steep Hill Switzerland, and Steep Hill United Kingdom. Steep Hill’s continued global expansion is blazing the trail, defining the future of cannabis testing which will strategically position them prior to full legalization in the European Union and insure these markets will offer superior quality standardization of cannabis testing and safe medicine for all patients on Day One.

How to Become an Investor

Steep Hill represents a unique opportunity for investors to participate in a legally mandated segment of the cannabis market. As legalization continues to proliferate across the country and throughout the world, demand for Steep Hill’s services will grow commensurately.