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“We are very excited to bring Steep Hill's industry"leading cannabis testing methods to Alaska. Providing cannabis testing across such a geographically dispersed area like Alaska poses unique challenges, and Steep Hill’s innovative hub-and-spoke approach to providing remote testing was among the driving factors in our decision to work with them. Central to this solution is a proprietary system that can provide testing in Alaskan communities that are not on the road system. In addition, this agreement will enable us to bring testing capabilities to Alaska that are far beyond those that are currently available here, such as genetics testing and strain identification. We hope to work with the State Marijuana Control Board to demonstrate the value of these customized, world-class solutions in helping to ensure the safety and proper labeling of cannabis products throughout the entire Alaskan marketplace,” said Steep Hill Alaska CEO Brian Coyle.

Owners of the Steep Hill Alaska lab will be:

• Brian Coyle, MSc, MEng will serve as CEO of Steep Hill Alaska. An Alaskan resident, Mr. Coyle brings an extensive background in managing scientific and engineering projects for Oil Industry, Engineering and Scientific Research projects around the world. His recent experience in Alaska, managing field research for the Earthscope Project, required him to travel to the far corners of the state and has provided him with a clear understanding of the logistical challenges of working in Alaska.

• Timothy Hinterberger, PhD, a professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage for 20+ years, brings over 35 years of medical education and molecular biology research experience to Steep Hill Alaska.

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